IOI-Game Platform That Connects Pro-Traders With Newbie

There are so many trading platforms or you can say crypto exchange and in a trading platform there are many pro traders and new traders who trade separately and maybe pro-trader are wanting to earn money from other way using their trading skills and newbie traders are also wanting to minimize their losses and to maximize their profit but these existing trading exchanges have no solution for this so we need an interesting platform like IOI-games where both pro-traders and newbie traders help each other to earn money so keep reading this article we will discuss more IOI-game.

What is IOI- game?

IOI-game platform will help gamification of trading here you can earn money independent of your skills even if you are a newbie here in the IOI-games platform you have opportunity to social trading that means you can friendship with other trader and can learn trading from them, IOI-game helps you to follow best performing crypto traders and you can either copy their trades or deal with them using this platform, The best thing that IOI-game is created for is racing between traders you can see the below image to understand how it works.

If you are a poor trader but with good skills then you can participate in the free race provide by the IOI-game platform to proof your skills and after that, if you win you can grow your fan base because of free promotion by IOI-game and can get funds to participate in big race to win huge. Do you know? you can win Tron(TRX) coin every day by participating many racing leagues occurring each day and average price pool for a day is 1000000 trx coins.

How a pro trader can earn money here?

As a pro trader, you can register this platform as a racer and can show your skills to others by winning racing and after all, you can participate in the community racing and get 5% split of the team bonus if you win a race then you can get your profit from the prize pool. You can grow your fan base where people may fund your racing and after you win the prize amount will split and you will get your commission. As a pro- traders you can do a business deal to teach other newbie traders about trading and can help other people to earn from trading.

How a newbie trader can earn money here?

First of all, as a newbie, you have to do nothing but you can earn a passive income just by holding and staking IOI token where you can earn 6% to 24% yearly as staking rewards.

Here you can follow or can be a fan of pro-trader where you can copy pro trader’s trading style to implement same trading strategy in your trading to get good results. To get more knowledge about the IOI-game platform you must follow the below links.

Website, Blog page, Twitter page, Telegram group, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Reddit, Instagram, Bitcointalk

Risk Warning!:- All the information and data given in the article are based on my opinion and research so before investment you must do your own research because no one will responsible for your profit or loss.

Writer details- Bitcointalk username- jiten12344321

Bitcointalk profile link- Click here




Hey guys! this is Jiten, I'm a true blockchain lover who love to spread awarness of blockchain technology among world

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I for business

I for business

Hey guys! this is Jiten, I'm a true blockchain lover who love to spread awarness of blockchain technology among world

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