Introduction to Olportal the first decentralized messenger on neural network

After technology introduced to us, we all want automation in our life. From an automatic refill of the water tank to auto-driving we want automation in everything and till now we have successfully added automation in so many machine-like auto driving in cars, an autopilot in an aeroplane , etc. But there are someplace where we are facing some problem to add automation like in chatting with someone in social media because we don’t know what can the opposite guy chat with us randomly.

During chatting with some AI chat you may faced some problem as they show some random question to you then you have to select a question from the list then after that they show you the fixed answer but if you ask a question out of the box then the AI bot will be unable to answer and then it connects to the customer care executive which takes lots of time and maybe you will not get connected to customer care executive after a long waiting.

So just think what happens if the chat bot answers everything to your friend when he/she send a message to you at the time you watch Netflix?

Let me introduce you Olportal which is a market place of nuerabots powered by Hedera hashgraph platform here you can create,buy and sell bots to use in every types of massenger.

What Is neurabots?

nurabots are nothing but the chatbots created on the neural network based on artificial intelligence which can chat like a real human with your all friends on your behalf and you can train your neurabots as you want.

Use Case Of Neurabots:

Neurabots can be used both for personal and commercial and these bots mainly created to focusing improve the chatting or messaging that means it will reduce time,cost and man power.

For personal use now you can do extra work or just can relax and during that time neurabots will handle your boss, friends, girlfriend and after your work did you can read the conversation that so simple.

For commercial use, you can replace normal chatbot with neurabot it can help your client by answering there all question answer without wasting their time and no workload on the customer executive, A person can customize his own neurabot according to need and sell it for money.

How To Test Neurabots?

There is a messenger client named iMe messenger which integrated into telegram messenger and here you can get 100 different character neurobots to use or implement. Currently, there are two languages are supported that is English and Russian so to test download iMe messenger from the link below.

For more information about team, whitepaper, roadmap, token, contact details, etc. must connect to Olportal using the links below. Hope you like this article and stay tuned more new articles are coming.

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Warning!:- All the information and data given in the article are based on my opinion and research so before investment you must do your own research because no one will responsible for your profit or loss.

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