Introduction To HackenAI:- Cybersecurity Suit On Blockchain.

We all now full exposure to the internet or to the online world and it always some possibility of a cyber attack at any moment and you will be compromised with your valuable data. There is various kind of cyber attacks like ransomware attacks, Business spoofing email compromise attacks, spear-phishing, etc. Do you know in 2018, it has happened 350% expansion in ransomware attacks, a 250% expansion in spoofing or business email compromise (BEC) attacks and a 70% increment in spear-phishing attacks in organizations generally speaking. Further, the normal expense of digital information penetrates has ascended from $4.9 million out of 2017 to $7.5 million out of 2018, as per the U.S. cyber Securities and Exchange Commission.

Risk has developed essentially around cyberattacks, information penetrates from any individual or Business, and information robbery (i.e., personal identifiable information, intellectual property, credit/debit card details, private key of your wallet, and secrets).

To additionally muddle the cyberthreat landscape, the danger entertainers are progressively incorporating their endeavors between-country state cyberattack gatherings, criminal cyberattack gatherings, and hacktivists, bringing about increasingly advanced cyberattacks on individuals or Business.

In this article, we will discuss about a cybersecurity application which can help you to detect and protect you from these above kinds of cyber attacks and the application name is HackenAI which is created by cybersecurity experts, Big 4 professionals, and white hat hackers to provide us a shield on the internet. So let’s talk about the HackenAl in brief how it will help us to fight against cyberattacks.

First of all, HackenAI will provide CyberBootCamp which will provide newbie or any person to enough knowledge about cybersecurity to protect themself from any kind of attack. Then HackenAl will provide a strong password manager because of which you will able keep your password from online attack, HackenAI has also the feature of Two-factor authentication which is similar to google authenticator but having the feature to backup your data in secure storage, HackenAI also provides you a feature to monitor Compromised accounts using some API of third-party services or third-party databases which will check from your email about the compromised date and last date of the password change if some suspicious found then it will alert your instant, By using secure storage feature of HackenAI you can store all your important or confidential data, HackenAl application has an inbuilt noncustodial crypto wallet where you can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChainThor (VET), VIP-180 (VTHO, HAI), ERC-20, BEP-2, HackenAI has also a cybersec marketplace where you buy third-party cybersecurity like anti-viruses,cloud protection services, performance boosters, etc. There are many more things in the HackenAI application so to know more visit below links.

Website, Medium page, Twitter page, Telegram group, Whitepaper

HackenAI App link- Play store , Apple store

Risk Warning!:- All the information and data given in the article are based on my opinion and research so before investment you must do your own research because no one will responsible for your profit or loss.

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Hey guys! this is Jiten, I'm a true blockchain lover who love to spread awarness of blockchain technology among world

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I for business

Hey guys! this is Jiten, I'm a true blockchain lover who love to spread awarness of blockchain technology among world

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