Introduction To CUDOS-The Blockchain Cloud

For the first time, Bitcoin taught us that we don’t need banks for banking and can program our money using Ethereum. Hence many Defi projects are booming where you can do banking globally without giving all faith in a third-party bank. Now we understand that with the help of blockchain technology, we can decentralize any centralized system. Now, CUDOS is creating a decentralized cloud computing network for everyone, so stick with this article. I will describe how CUDOS is doing this and how this is very helpful for everyone.

A few companies like Google, Amazon, Alibaba, etc are controlling the whole cloud computing market. According to a research study of 2019, Cloud computing companies are holding approximately USD 321 Billion market size globally, which is a good thing. Still, all these companies are centralized, controlled by private entities, don’t share their profits with the community, and risk a single point of failure. Now here, the decentralization of cloud computing can be a revolution where we can get cheap services furthermore rewards by taking part in the network.

What is CUDOS?

If I describe to you what is the meaning of decentralization in a simple term, then decentralization is the process under which we take power from a single entity and divide that power with the community so can each member of the community avail of all benefits.

In simple terms, CUDOS creating a decentralized cloud computing platform by using its community’s hardware which means all the profit will distribute to the community members and anyone can take part in this network and by eliminating the third party CUDOS will provide very cheap services to users.

As we know, existing blockchains are also extensively using cloud services, wherever CUDOS is also very beneficial for any existing blockchain where CUDOS can provide any blockchains with a layer 2, Turing complete compute capacity. CUDOS also provides some extra facilities to deploy smart contracts, dApps, create NFTs, build your assets, connect to oracle, etc.

Use case of CUDOS

You can unlock many more opportunities using CUDOS. Still, I would like to tell you some important use cases of CUDOS where you can use cloud computer by CUDOS for scientific research, for Artificial intelligence, to enable layers two oracles, data analytics, or even you can use it to render you HD videos.

How you can contribute and earn CUDOS token?

Currently, there are five ways to participate in the network to earn some CUDOS tokens, and below, I have described all possible things you can do to make some CUDOS tokens.

  1. Validator- A validator is an essential part of a blockchain where you work is to validate blocks plus to grow the blockchain, and for your effort, you rewarded with some tokens. For more information about validator, you can read the validator doc and apply to be a validator you can contact CUDOS here.
  2. Staking- In CUDOS, blockchain staking means you have to lock some CUDOS tokens in a provided staking smart contract to support a blockchain app or network and to read more about staking, you can click here.
  3. Delegated staking- This is a simple process under which you can take part network without running a node. You can delegate your token to an existing node to earn network rewards and click here to learn more about delegation.
  4. Earn by building on CUDOS- This is the best way for blockchain developers to use the CUDOS marketplace to publish their Dapps. They can earn lifelong rewards if their application becomes successful because CUDOS provides some portion of the transaction fees to the creator generated by their Dapps and you can get in touch with CUDOS using this form.
  5. Sell data for CUDOS token- If you have some off-chain data and you are thinking that data can help a blockchain or Dapp, you can directly connect to the buyer, and you can get in touch with CUDOS for more information by filling this form.


This conclusion is my opinion on this project. CUDOS can play an essential role in the sector of cloud service because it provides you with the facility to deploy smart-contract. CUDOS takes care of users only and provides an excellent opportunity for developers to earn life-long from their Dapps. I guess more opportunities to earn CUDOS tokens are on the way because CUDOS is creating a network leveraging community members’ hardware, giving anybody a chance to be a part of the cloud computing network by earning some tokens.



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