Introduction To Bluzelle: Let’s Use Decentralized Database.

In this article, we will discuss how a centralized server is a threat for your data and how can you protect your data with a decentralized alternative Bluzelle.

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Five important components of Bluzelle network:

  1. Bluzelle DB: This the decentralized database which stores your Dapp’s data in distributed ledger.
  2. BluzelleNet: This is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain that used by Bluzelle network and BluzelleNet supports 10,000 TPS (Transaction per second).
  3. Validator Nodes: A validator node is an independent storage provider and Bluzelle network contains so many numbers of validator nodes.
  4. BLZ Token: This is the utility token of the Bluzelle network in the exchange of which you can avail of all the services of Bluzelle.

How Bluzelle works?

As I said before, Bluzelle store date in multiple nodes, and these nodes can be any device with some free space and for the free space that you provide can reward with some BLZ tokens.

Benefits of Bluzelle network

As Bluzelle is a decentralized database, so there is no single entity controlling the network, but the network controlled by its users, there is no single point of failure, no censorship on data, it cost you half with compare to other centralized database providers, you can be a node runner or delegator to earn passive income, etc.

Best use case of Bluzelle

The best use of Bluzelle platform to create Dapps it can be financial Dapp or retail Dapp. You will keep safe your customer’s data from hackers.

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