Best Trading Platform To Trade Crypto, DeFi, Forex & Commodities.

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In the beginning people only involved in Forex & Commodities trading but as investment opportunities growing, it also grows complexity in trading because in hundreds of markets thousands of assets listed and you need to create and manage multiple of accounts to trade these assets.

In these markets, thousands of new trader open their accounts regularly who don’t know more about trading and there is no one to help them reduce their losses and to maximize their profits.

To solve all these problems, we need one place where we can not only trade crypto, DeFi, forex & commodities but also support to be a profitable trade and in this article we will compare come platforms and try to figure out best platform where we can trade crypto, DeFi, forex & commodities with good supports and features.


This is a decentralized derivatives exchange (DEX) powered by here you can trade commodities 24*7 by using “position tokens” where it wants to solve market failures inherent to today’s commodities market. Using Mettalex you can trade steel, gold, Lithium, etc on opposite of bitcoin, Eth, and USD.

Mettalex is not support trading of DeFi, crypto, and forex and it not supports users by providing help in trading {Reference}.


This is the most comprehensive platform where you can trade crypto, forex, indices, and commodities where you can able to do leverage trading with 100x. Geco has PAMM — “proven and effective” money management tool which will help you make money by investing with investors that means you can lend your money to skilled traders to trade and after the make profit you will get your commission.

But as like Metalex here are a limited amount of features and don’t have new technology like bot trading, etc.


Morpher is another trading platform that provides traders to invest in stocks, crypto, and forex with zero fees and backed by blockchain technology.

Morpher is giving you the chance to invest in stocks, crypto, and forex 24*7 but it has also not some advance features to benefit its traders.


This is a all-in-one trading ecosystem for the modern traders where they can trade crypto, DeFi, forex & commodities using their own trading skill or using bots. Upbots take care of benefit its traders. Upbots built on blockchain and protected by maximum security layers.

Upbots not only give a trader chance to trade on crypto, DeFi, forex & commodities but also take cares of traders funds by focusing to maximize traders profits by following way.

It will give you the power to access multiple major exchanges in one place, it provides a complete set of advanced tools and trading strategies, a training section for a newbie to learn to trade, if you are a newcomer or busy trader then you can copy skill full traders, you can create your own bot to use or sell, you can link yourself to best signal providers, and good user experience{Reference}.


When I search for a platform where I can buy everything like crypto, DeFi, forex & commodities then I faced lots of difficulties because there are few numbers of such platform in existence and after I found some platform I just compare them to choose the best one and you know what?

I got the platform and according to me Upbot is the best platform to trade because it has all required features and some extra feature like copy trading and bot trading I liked most because in real I’m a busy trader who have little time to research and to access multiple platform but from now Upbot will be a best tool for me.

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Athor details: Jitendra Naik


Risk warning! keep in your mind that Investment is subject to market risk and all the information in this article by research so before your own investment do your own research because nobody responsible for your profit and loss.




Hey guys! this is Jiten, I'm a true blockchain lover who love to spread awarness of blockchain technology among world

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I for business

Hey guys! this is Jiten, I'm a true blockchain lover who love to spread awarness of blockchain technology among world

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